Standard Banquet Chair


Please note that table only booths are unable to have added tables and/or chairs.

Extra Chairs

  • We encourage you to spend most of your time standing and engaging with the attendees.  Use additional chairs as part of your decor.  We understand some people have conditions in which they must sit.  Keep in mind that the chairs do take up space and we will be limiting the number of chairs you may have in your booth based on size. 

  • The maximum allowable chairs per booth size unless discussed as part of your set up in advance with the event manager (ie. ceremony display)

    Table only booth - one chair to the side only

    8' x 8' booth - 4 chairs

    8' x 10' booth - 4 chairs

    10' x 10' booth - 5 chairs

    10' x 20' booth - 8 chairs

    10' x 30' booth - 12 chairs

    20 ' x 20' booth - 15 chairs